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Vangogh at Work & Places To Stay Nearby

The anniversary exhibition Van Gogh at Work will illustrate the creative
process of this mad genius of the art world. In the span of only a decade, Van
Gogh developed his unique artistic style and amassed an impressive amount
of pieces. This display of over 200 paintings is the fruit of a long-term
research project into the artist’s methods and studio practices. The
exhibit will commemorate the reopening of the Van Gogh
Museum and its 40th Jubilee.

What else to do whilst you are there: Check out the large
and valuable art collection at the Willets Museum nearby
(, including not only paintings
but ceramics, glassware, furniture, sculpture and more.

Best Places To stay Nearby: Amsterdam Holiday Apartments

Location: The Van Gogh Museum,The Museum Hermitage Amsterdam, Amstel 51, Amsterdam

Dates: 01 May, 2013

Cost: TBA, check the museum website

01-05-2013 01-05-2013 TBA, check the museum website EUR

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