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Restaurants in Amsterdam

Restaurants in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has a lot to offer in the culinary field, and almost every nation is represented. Whether you are looking to try the "New Dutch Cuisine," Sushi or Tapas, you will sure find something to please your palate in Amsterdam.

d'Vijff Vlieghen (The 5 Flies), Centre

Although definitely on the pricey side, this restaurant has a truly unique atmosphere. Original Rembrandt etchings, 17th century rare glasses and antique Delft blue tiles are some of the various decors that help create the restaurant’s charming and original character.
Open for dinner.

Moeders, Jordaan & Westerpark

If you want a taste of traditional Dutch food, this is the place to go. A small but very cozy restaurant, Moeders offers several Dutch specialties (hachée, suddervlees en stamppot) and some international dishes as well. If you are unsure of what to get try the Hollandse Rijsttafel, a variety of Dutch delicacies

Tokyo Café, Centre

Offers ‘all you can eat’ sushi and other Japanese specialties for a fixed price. Although it is usually wise to stay away from ‘all you can eat’ places in Amsterdam, Tokyo Café is an exception. With delicious well-prepared food, and reasonable prices, this place is always buzzing with activity. Open for both lunch and diner.

Pata Negra, Centre

This is one of the most authentic Spanish tapas places in Amsterdam. Excellent food and noisy but cheerful atmosphere. As Pata Negra is always crowded, it is not suited for the one-on-one romantic dinner (you might even have to share a table), but it is the perfect place if you're out for a night of fun and good food.
Open for diner.

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