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Berlin Museums

Berlin Museums

Berlin has some of the most fascinating museums in the world
in great abundance so there really is something for all interests.
Here are some of our favourites - let us know what you think of them.

Bode Museum , Mitte

An old and iconic building on Museum Island, the Bode Museum was built in 1904 and features a distinctive ornate domed roof. Renamed in 1956 in honour of its first curator, Wilhelm von Bode, the museum focuses on art, especially sculptures, from the Byzantium and Ravenna eras, through the Middle Ages, Italian Gothic, early Renaissance and Prussian baroque periods.

Story Of Berlin , Charlottenburg

With its modern, interactive design great for children, the Story of Berlin presents a quirky, accessible and compelling history of the past 800 years. Admission includes a guided tour through the nuclear bomb shelter upon which the museum is built

Stasi Museum, Friedrichshain

The recently reopened Stasi Museum is set over three floors of the DDR secret police’s former headquarters. The first floor deals with the formation and development of the Ministerium für Staatssicherheit (or Stasi for short), as well as in-depth coverage about how ordinary citizens were affected. On the fascinating second floor, you can see the preserved offices, conference rooms and relaxation areas of the head of the Stasi, Erich Mielke. The third floor exhibits strange, imaginative and downright sinister examples of monitoring methods and equipment that were inflicted on tens of thousands of citizens.

Neues Museum , Mitte

Another excellent institution for ancient history on Museum Island, the Neues Museum was recently restored and renovated by renowned architect, David Chipperfield. The building now provides a new home for the Egyptian Museum and Papyrus Collection and the Museum of Prehistory and Early History, together with artefacts from the Collection of Classical Antiquities.

Jüdisches Museum , Kreuzberg

The stunning and sometimes disturbing architecture of the Jüdisches Museum is as affective as its impressively curated collections and exhibitions. Special, temporary shows illuminate selected aspects of Jewish life, alongside a permanent exhibition called Two Millennia of German Jewish History, which sheds light on Germany past and present through the eyes of the Jewish minority

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