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Berlin Parks and Places - Things to do

Berlin Parks and Places - Things to do

For a major world city, Berlin is suprisingly green with a number of
great out-door spaces to enjoy such as the vast lakes or the
former airport so take a look below and find some peace
from the city by really exploring it. 

Teufelsberg, Charlottenburg

A man-made hill created from the rubble of WWII, ‘Devil’s Mountain’ was used as the foundation for a listening tower from which the US forces spied on their Soviet neighbours during the Cold War. Now it’s dilapidated but the surrounding area is green and overgrown, and a lovely place to visit at any time of year. In summer, a stroll to the summit under the dappled sunlight of Grunewald forest rewards with stunning panoramic views. In winter, the snowy trees provide a picturesque backdrop as you ski, snowboard, toboggan or attempt to walk very carefully down the slippery slope

Maybachufer and Paul-Lincke-Ufer , Kreuzberg

Ufer means riverside, and these two charming wide pathways intersected by cafes and pretty bridges are divided by the Landwehr Canal. It’s a great place for a walk or to chill on the banks. If you keep walking you’ll unexpectedly end up in a green, woody park area with a kids’ play area next to a ‘lake’ where  two canals converge. Tip - On Maybachufer, try Silberlöffel or Nansen restaurants. At the end of Paul Lincke Ufer, refuel at Burg am See restaurant and the beer garden in the park.

Schlachtensee Lake, Charlottenburg

Also set amid the towering trees of Grunewald, Schlachtensee is another year round destination. In summer the long, narrow lake is a shady oasis great for swimming and barbecues. In winter it freezes over and you can skate on its glistening, icy surface

Tiergarten, Mitte

In the centre of the former West, Tiergarten is an enormous park with quaint ponds, bridges, cafes and even its own lakes. The northeast corner edges the Reichstag and in the southwest corner lies Berlin’s biggest zoo.

Freiluftkino Friedrichshain, Friedrichshain

One of the city’s most picturesque outdoor cinemas, the Freiluftkino Friedrichsahain combines fresh air, green space and enough seating for 1500 people. Set in the beautiful Volkspark with stunning woodland backdrop, the cinema shows a range of international films. Open beginning of May to end of September.

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