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Edinburgh Bars

Edinburgh Bars

Edinburgh's bar scene is exciting and varied and there is a "watering hole" to cater for all tastes and fashions. Here's our top picks from the best cocktail bar in the world, to a mysterious Jazz club...

Bramble Bar, New Town

Named after its house specialty, Brambles is the best cocktail bar in all of Edinburgh, and maybe one of the better in the world. The quality of the drinks here is unmatched: each sip is a delight, and completely justifies the price. The speak-easy inspired deco fits well in fancy New Town. Great cocktails, combined with dim lights and electro-jazz music make any evening here unforgettable.

Jazz Bar, Old Town

Lovers of saxophone, base and drums will have to try out this great venue. Shows are on every night (requiring a small entrance fee), and the bar stays open till late. Another underground bar, not so noticeable because of its rather nondescript door, the Jazz Bar is a very cool place and definitely worth a stop.

The Albanach, Old Town

When you think Scotland, you think Loch Ness Monster, Tartan, old castles… but also whisky. Scotch is maybe the most appreciated whisky in the world, by connoisseurs and novices alike. The Albanach Bar has more than 200 different types of single malts and blends from all the regions of Scotland, and a few from Ireland, Canada and even Japan, it is pretty much whisky paradise.

Underthestairs , Old Town

If you ask Edinburgh dwellers what their favorite bar is, many of them will answer “Under the Stairs”. Located, as its name suggests, under the stairs of a lovely Old Town building near the Grassmarket, this bar has a warm, sophisticated yet laid-back atmosphere. Decorated to look like a living room, every piece of furniture is an antique, and they expose local artists’ work, as well as a beautiful fish tank.

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